Febrile Convulsions & Pre-Existing Epilepsy Policy

Safeguarding and Wellbeing Requirement 3.20/3.25/3.44/3.45/3.46

Febrile seizures (febrile convulsions) are fits that can happen when a child has a fever. They most often happen between the ages of six months and three years and usually last for less than five minutes. During most seizures, a child will become stiff and their arms and legs may begin to twitch, they may also lose consciousness. Some children may vomit, foam at the mouth, wet or soil themselves or their eyes may roll back.

We ask all parents/guardians to make the nursery aware if their child has previously suffered from a febrile convulsion.

If a child suffers from a febrile convulsion whilst under our care, a member of staff would stay with the child and a note of the time it started would be made; if the seizure continued for over a minute then a member of staff would dial 999 for assistance and/or an ambulance.

The parents/guardians would then be contacted to inform them of the situation and if necessary to arrange meeting at the nursery or hospital. In all circumstances, the member of staff will continue to stay with the child.

We advise that if possible the parents/guardians collect the child (especially if the child involved is under the age of 1) to keep their stress levels to a minimum. Staff will make the child as comfortable as possible as well monitoring their temperature (using cold flannels to keep it down).

The member of staff who dealt with the convulsion will write up a report in the room's accident book so that the parent/guardian can understand the situation in its entirety as well as having a copy for their records/any future hospital visits. This record is to be signed by the parent/guardian and the member of staff.

It is the responsibility of the most senior member of staff in the room at the time of the convulsion and/or the member of staff who dealt with the convulsion to make a report of the incident which both they and the Manager or Deputy Room Leader are to sign. Three copies of this report will be printed; a copy is to be filed in the issues raised and complaints file, another for the parents/guardians and the final to be placed in the child's file.

Upon the return of the child to the nursery, we ask that the parents/guardians complete an allergy form detailing the circumstances of the convulsion and any medical advice received in case of a future occurrence. All members of staff are to be made aware of this information.

All staff members will follow their first aid training when dealing with a child having a febrile convulsion.

In the case of a child who is already known to suffer with epilepsy, we would follow the above procedure but would also inform medical staff of the medication and the dosage the child is on. The advice given by the parents/guardians in their initial visit/on the child's registration form will always be followed where possible.

We would like to reassure that Little Tinkers is an inclusive nursery school which promotes equal opportunities. Therefore, we would like to reassure anyone accessing the setting that no child will be excluded due to any existing or future medical conditions that may arise.