Fees and Funding

We charge £4.75 per hour and invoice you at the end of every month. Prompt payment is appreciated. We reserve the right to add interest at a rate of 10% if payment is more than 14 days overdue and will continue to add interest at this rate each week until arrears are cleared.

We make no reduction for non-attendance due to sickness, holidays taken during term time or bank holidays. Fees will still be due if your child is on holiday during the Nursery term and on bank holidays that are during term time.

If you have a problem paying your invoice please do not hesitate to speak to Ellie Hanna in order for us to assist where possible.

We do require a terms notice if you wish to remove your child from the setting.

Due to the recent change in EYEE funding we have decided to allow you to continue to take your funded sessions between 9-12 and 1-4 Monday to Friday, but there will be a £1.50 activity charge to cover activities we provide. This activity charge only applies to those receiving funding.

Funding is only available to you in the term following your child´s third birthday, we will provide you with a form to complete and sign in order for us to claim for you.

Funding is only available over a 38 week period and is broken down into 3 terms:

  • Spring term - 11 weeks
  • Summer term - 13 weeks
  • Autumn term - 14 weeks