Intruder Policy

Safeguarding and Welfare Requirement: 3.6

At Little Tinkers Nursery School, it is our duty to protect both children and staff from intruders. This step is undertaken in several ways which are listed below.

  1. There is a thumbprint system on both the staff and parent entrance to the building which ensures only those on the system can enter. Any person who is not on the system can only be let into the building by a member of staff upon confirming their identity.
  2. The parent and staff entrance permit the only access into the nursery building which can only be entered as detailed above; both are always locked.
  3. Our registration form provides the option to instruct the nursery on those who have or do not have permission to pick up a child. Any parent, guardian, etc. denied permission is immediately made aware to all members of the nursery team and is highlighted on the staff information board.
  4. As part of Little Tinkers enrolment process, it is a requirement for a password to be set up for the child as well as receiving photographs of those who are likely to pick the child up on a regular basis.
  5. In the event of an undesirable attempting to collect a child, parents/guardians and any appropriate authorities will be contacted as per our duty of care.
  6. In accordance with our collection policy, Little Tinkers has strict procedures in place in the event of an unknown person coming to collect a child. Said person would need to be verified before being allowed to enter the building either by a staff member or by contacting the child's parent/guardian.
  7. It is the duty of parents/guardians to inform staff upon drop off as to who will be collecting their child that day. This information is relayed to all members of staff and recorded.