Meal Time Policy/Guidelines

Safeguarding and Welfare Requirement

This policy aims to offer a consistent and familiar routine in regards to meal time at Little Tinkers.

Meal times at Little Tinkers are:

  • A valuable learning experience.
  • A valuable social occasion.
  • An opportunity to encourage interaction between staff and the children and their peers.
  • An opportunity to monitor the children's fine motor development.
  • A time to identify eating disorders and likes/dislikes.
  • An opportunity to raise awareness of other culture, religion and foods.

Meal times at Little Tinkers should be:

  • Stress free, calm and relaxed.
  • An environment for children to eat at their own pace and receive assistance when necessary.

Before meal times:

  • Children are always given a minimum of 5 minutes for moving on time.
  • All children (and staff) should always wash their hands and if appropriate be encouraged to use the toilet.


  • All children are provided with unlimited water throughout the nursery day.
  • Children in Baby Tinkers have named cups and children in Little Tinkers can use the cups provided.
  • Milk and water is provided at snack time. Formula or breast milk must be supplied by the parents/guardians.
  • For children with allergies, we suggest parents/guardians supply an alternative if they so wish.