Missing Child Policy

Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements 3.4/3.5/3.6

All children are accounted for during the day, their arrival and departure time is marked in the nursery register and staff make regular head counts throughout the day.

Missing Child Procedure:
In the highly unlikely event that a child could not be seen or heard, the Room Leader and Nursery Manager will fully search the nursery and areas that surround the nursery. In a calm manner, both members of staff will call out the name of the missing child and all members of staff are to remain calm as to not distress the other children attending the nursery.

If there is no sign of the child, then either The Manager, Room Leader or Nursery Owner will immediately contact the police and provide details of the child and their appearance. The staff member will then wait for the police to arrive and all staff will follow their instructions upon arrival. The Manager or Nursery Owner will continue the search whilst waiting for the police.

The child's parent/guardian must then be notified of the situation and of the fact that the police have been informed. This must be done in a calm, reassuring manner to let the parent/guardian know that the nursery is doing everything in its power to locate the child. Updates will be provided every 10-15 minutes however conversation must be kept to a minimum without being rude/offensive as locating the child is the priority.

The Manager, Deputy Manager or Nursery Owner should then join in with the search and keep staff as calm as possible. The other children in the setting will be cared for by remaining members of staff where they will be kept calm, happy and occupied.

Found Child Procedure:
When the child is found, the parents, staff and then police are informed. Any verbal accounts need to be delivered in a calm and reasonable manner.

The Manager or Nursery Owner would then need to inform OFSTED and provide a written report detailing the incident (including statements from appropriate members of staff).