January Newsletter

A big welcome back to all our old friends, and a warm welcome to new ones.

We hope you had a lovely Christmas break and wish you a happy new year.

Thank you to everybody for your greetings and gifts.

A good start to the New Year, we have at last got permission to the start of our new outdoor classroom which is very exciting, and we hope that the preschoolers will be using it for the start of the summer term. Along with our new classroom we will be looking to update our website. We have become aware that people have not been able to access this and apologise. We will be including our policies and procedures on the webpage for you to view , we will also be updating the page weekly with information about what the children have been doing and any helpful information. It is important that you read our policies with regards to hours, payment, sickness etc. We don't wish to be difficult but we are governed by rules and regulators which we have to abide by. If you don't wish for your child's picture to be included on the webpage, please let Ellie or Lynsey know.

Our next half term holiday will be Week commencing 13th February. There will be a board in the front hall for you to sign your child up. It is very important that you put your child's name down if you would like them to come in. Otherwise there may not be a space available.

Our next "drop in evening" will be Tuesday 31st January between 6pm-7pm, this is a chance for you to come in and have a look at your child's journal and to talk about their next steps.

We have started our 'sound of the week' this is where we encourage the children to think about the phonic sounds that letters make.  If the children would like to bring something in to share at news time we would be happy for this, please keep these to a minimum though as we are spending an increasing amount of time looking for toys at the end of the day. Please also be sure to name your child's clothes so that we can make sure they go to the right homes.

We are looking to host a barn dance to raise awareness for/about organ donation. We are hoping to do this towards the end of February beginning of March. The main aim will be to encourage people to register to be an organ donor. Funds raised will be divided equally between the organ donation team and towards a new interactive whiteboard for the new classroom. Any help with the organisation would be great.

We are looking forward to a happy and productive start to 2017

Ellie and the team

  • 2nd January 2017

Little Tinkers Activities

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Cookery Club Tennis
Farm and Forest School


Tennis Art with Lucinka


Farm and Forest School Farm and Forest School Farm and Forest School Tennis

All activities will run during all weathers, please ensure that your child has appropriate outdoor wear.
The children will access the activities according to their needs (not necessarily every session).
These activities are in addition to the every day activities that we run within the nursery.