Transition Policy

Learning and Development Requirement 1.10

Safeguarding and Welfare Requirement: 3.27

Little Tinkers Nursery School is set across one level with 2 rooms; 'Tiny Tinkers' and 'Little Tinkers'. Tiny Tinkers is for the under 2's and Little Tinkers is for the children aged 2 and above. As the children grow and develop they will naturally transition from one room into the other and are provided with the opportunity to explore and familiarise themselves with all aspects of the nursery environment.

A child's transition from one room to another is based upon their readiness and their developmental, emotional, social and physical needs. When the child is ready to transition, the procedure for their move is as follows:

  • The Manager or Deputy Manager will contact the parents/guardians via letter, detailing the intention to transition the child as well as providing a transition plan.
  • The current Key Person will introduce the parents/guardians to the child's new Key Person and Room Leader to ensure that good communication continues. It is advised that there is a meeting between the new Key Person and the parents/guardians so that they are made aware of the differences in the new room as well as any new routines.
  • The child will have several 'settling in' sessions in their new room to allow them to adjust. The length of these sessions will gradually increase before they fully integrate into their new room.
  • The current Key Person is to accompany the child on their first visit and all subsequent visits to the new room until the child feels secure. The Key Person will gradually step back and hand over to the new Key Person as the child forms new relationships and grows in confidence.
  • It is the responsibility of the new Key Worker (overseen by the Room Leader) to transfer the child's notes across and to make all staff in the new room aware of any special dietary requirements/allergies, special needs or disabilities.